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What is SentiLecto?

SentiLecto is NaturalTech's natural language understanding engine. The sophisticated model behind SentiLecto enables thorough understanding of any kind of text by modeling the same kind of cognitive operations speakers perform. This cutting-edge NLU technology makes it possible to extract aspect-based sentiment analysis out of the entities mentioned in the texts, to rephrase analyzed news and to automatically generate novel ones.

What makes SentiLecto different?

SentiLecto is capable of understanding natural language the way native speakers do. It can deal flawlessly with the distinction between passive and active voice, the scope of negation, anaphora resolution and co-reference chains. It also has the ability to recognize and classify entities with identity matching and to decide whether a statement is a real fact or not (fact checking), through a deep understanding of syntax and semantics.

SentiLecto Pipeline

Fields of Application

  • > Creation of virtual assistants
  • > Media and Social Networks monitoring
  • > Personalization of digital content (verticals and geolocation)
  • > Visual insights from large text datasets
  • > Automated summarization and topic modeling
  • > Generation of brand new content (for SEO and SEM campaigns)

Success story - TheySay Analytics

Founded by Prof. Stephen Pulman and Dr. Karo Moilanen of Oxford University, TheySay Analytics used SentiLecto to train their Spanish models. SentiLecto tagged around 70,000 tweets with aspect-based sentiment analysis and snippet extraction capabilities. Finally, its founders successfully sold TheySay Analytics.

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