Understanding natural language the way we do_


SentiLecto is the natural language understanding technology of NaturalTech that processes language the way we do


TecnoNews is a news media-oriented product based on SentiLecto that immediately generates significant insights on thousands of news


SentiAnswer is a Q&A system for open domains mounted on SentiLecto that extracts specific responses from thousands of texts

Our Vision and Capabilities at the NLP landscape

NaturalTech is a technology company with a specific goal: to make computers understand natural language the way native speakers do. We use our expertise in linguistics and natural language understanding to generate disruptive and innovative technology and products for several industries that handle large amounts of unstructured information from Spanish, Portuguese and English texts. In recent years, we have developed SentiLecto, our flagship NLU engine on which TecnoNews and SentiAnswer are built. Our products can be integrated into a thorough NLP pipeline to enable the creation of virtual assistants, provide social media monitoring services, perform automated text summarization and content generation, among many other capabilities. A wide range of Industries, such as LegalTech, FinTech, among others, have successfully adopted our technology.

Our Vision at NLP landscape

The team behind our Technology

Fernando Balbachan

CEO & Founder
fb@natural.do - Twitter: @sentilecto_NLU

Fernando has a Ph.D. & a M.A. degrees in NLP (Natural Language Processing) from Universidad de Buenos Aires and Indiana University, respectively. He has worked as Senior Computational Linguist for several NLP software companies. Fernando is currently a Professor of computational linguistics at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

David Weil

Software Architect

Natalia Flechas


Martín Capparelli

Front-End Developer

Investors that trust us

Ariel Arrieta
Ariel Arrieta is a marketer, serial entrepreneur and active angel investor. He is the co-founder & managing partner of NXTP Ventures. He has been involved in the Internet/Online Media Industry since 1994 and is also the co-founder of the successful creative agency Nextperience.
Sebastián Wain
Sebastián Wain co-founded CoinFabrik in 2014 and Nektra Advanced Computing in 2003. CoinFabrik develops secure Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions and Nektra specializes in Microsoft Windows internals, reverse engineering, and developing custom security solutions.

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