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What is TecnoNews?

Based on SentiLecto’s cutting-edge technology, TecnoNews offers immediate insights on thousands of news for Spanish, Portuguese, and English press. By rendering user-friendly semantic graphs (NewsGalaxy and NewsUniverse), it can discover nonobvious relationships among news clusters. It also offers alerts for breaking and hot news in real time (NewsFlow). Topic modeling, automated summarization and NERC (Named-Entity Recognition and Classification) are also available for each analyzed and geolocalized news.

TecnoNews in Action

TecnoNews offers a set of tools to visualize relationships and insights within news articles.


Generates knowledge graphs around news articles covering the same events from different points of views. All the elements in the graphs, such as nodes, links, colors and sizes seamlessly convey meaning for a comprehensive understanding of the news context.


Outputs a cloud-shaped visual representation of the most relevant concepts in the NewsGalaxy set.


Shows a summary of each of the news articles that appear in NewsGalaxy, with its publication date, its title and the most informative sentences.


Analyzes the flow of news based on its informative relevance, determining whether they are breaking news, regular news, hot or trivial news.


Creates a knowledge graph where you can visualize how a story (root node) occurs within a wider context of other news from different categories (healthcare, financial industries, politics, technology, etc). Wouldn’t you like to instantly grasp how a virus outbreak in China impacts the stock markets? TecnoNews makes it possible.


Discovers relevant immediate visual insights out from thousands instances of unstructured text in any language, such as news articles product reviews, voice of customers, etc. You can easily explore what those texts are talking about, detecting patterns, side-stories and anomalies all along thru the time series.

Our Showcase

TecnoNews’s features are specifically designed to understand the evolution of events and their underlying relationships. Moreover, with TecnoNews it is easy to publish brand new content by merging and enriching different coverages from various media outlets. These Natural Language Generation capabilities, which are an emerging technological trend in the field of Robo-Journalism, are ideal for SEO and SEM campaigns.

TecnoNews is currently used to automatically manage EntretenimientoBit, a news blog or augmented newsroom where 200 quality posts are published per day, out of 300 sources. All posts are enriched with new information, detailed reports, knowledge graphs and images. They are more informative than their sources, as TecnoNews is able to identify and rephrase missing facts from one coverage with respect to others, and even write journalist raccontos from scratch.

Detailed report of the possible causes behind the evolution of stock market indices (Click to enlarge)

Success stories

>>> GlobalNews is one of the leading companies in media monitoring and analysis, with presence in 17 Latin American countries. In 2015 we started our commercial relationship, so they could leverage SentiLecto's analysis capabilities specifically applied to reputation monitoring and automated clipping.

Our relationship exceeded the acquisition of the license of SentiLecto v1.0. By that time, we started developing TecnoNews, a brand new product meant to exploit the power of SentiLecto for news analysis. Consequently, GlobalNews acquired the TecnoNews licenses for Spanish and Portuguese in 2015, which included the following features: semantic graphs, NewsFlow, financial compliance, quote detection and news geolocation, among others.

The adoption of our technology resulted in a reduction of 70% of man-hours needed for news analysis tasks, with the differential advantage of generating semantic graphs (NewsGalaxy and NewsUniverse) over hundreds of news at once.

>>> When Noticias.com reached us by the end of 2015, we knew that our capabilities to handle geolocated worldwide news, by analyzing and merging them to automatically create new and fresh content, both in Spanish and Portuguese, would be the perfect solution to help them increase their website’s organic traffic. We injected hundreds of content generated on a weekly-basis. As expected, organic traffic dramatically increased since the adoption of our services.

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